Danielle Simmons, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Chicago therapist available to assist as you explore and process a wide range of emotional and interpersonal concerns.

Therapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy are all words used to describe the type of support I provide. 

With over a decade of experience providing confidential therapy, I aim to assist in your exploration, processing, and development of greater understandings of the barriers to your success and thriving. I deeply believe in the strengths and resources we all possess. I practice from an affirming, strengths based framework, taking into account your unique experiences, identities, needs, strengths and goals.

Through our collaborative, nurturing relationship, I hope you can learn to manage the stresses of life, and find what you need to live a whole, full, and authentic life. I believe in the power of a solid, therapeutic relationship and therefore, strive to create safe, supportive, judgement-free environments that promote self-care and authentic self-expression.

My approach to therapy can be best described as interpersonal and emotion-focused with intentional attention paid to your unique circumstances and multicultural identity variables. I have also been trained in and use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to support sustainable behavior change. 


  • Licensed in the state of Illinois as a Clinical Psychologist

  • Doctoral degree (PhD) in Counseling Psychology

  • Masters of Science (MS) in Psychology

  • Bachelors of Science (BS) in Psychology.

I have worked as a counselor at a number of university counseling centers including Iowa State University, Georgia State University, Northern Illinois University, and most recently University of Illinois at Chicago. 

My clinical and research interests have developed out of years of exploring and embracing my own diverse identities. Growing up with multiple “minority” identities, I have become very sensitive and passionate about the diversity of others. I use my past experiences and knowledge about multiculturalism to enrich my work with adults and couples. Because of the real-world and book knowledge I have gained, I view myself as an advocate, mentor, and a resource who is always available for formal and informal consultation.

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